Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tales from the lab

Rise Lab Mantra :)
"Convert Ideas Into Papers and Papers into Wafers

Monday, February 25, 2008


Los Blancos 18 game winning streak at the Bernebaeu was undone yesterday ,by what could only be described as "a very trippy 30 seconds".Madrid thought they had scored and given how united a team they are :),everybody decided to get together and celebrate,but alas the goal was ruled out for offside.Getafe players then take a quick freekick,with more than two thirds of the madrid team near the getafe corner flag,leaving a a hapless Guti and Gago defending against the entire Getafe team, even Saint Iker couldnt bail them out and Uche duly put the ball in the back of the net with a neat finish.Meanwhile in Catalunya Barca put 5 past bottom side levante.Madrids lead at the top is now down to just 2 points. And people say laliga isn't the best league out there,tsk tsk.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Falling Slowly

Brilliant!The songs from the movie "ONCE", which by the way is a must watch.Do check out the entire soundtrack.Made me pick up my guitar after a long while.Its been ages since i found a song which i could play all day, non stop.Brilliant!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

my first blog

i spent the past couple of hours going through a couple of my friends blogs , read blogs describing nostalgia, breakups ,quotas ,iitm ,music ,football .A lot of these had similar ideas just that their write ups differed a bit.I always somehow thought that nearly all of our lives works on the principles of copy paste,we always aspire to be like somebody..,,well what i am trying to go on and say is lets say if we all go ahead and pen down our feelings or our views in our writings then how different will one blog be from the other .I tend to think that a guys character is a humongous cocktail of different persona's, persona's he's picked up over the span of his life , be it from friends,relatives,siblings,media .It is very rarely that we meet someone whom we cant classify into a sort of behavioral pattern.So dont you think per say everyone on earth started blogging most of the blogs would seem the same,just that some might just be able to twist the words around a bit and either make it very readable .I am sure of the fact that there are many people in this world who think like me,share my same views. So are there enough permutations and combinations to ones personality so as to identify a person apart from his biological themes like looks,voice, a myriad of other physical traits which makes each one of us unique,but are there enough facets of personality available so that no two persons are alike.
So the question is will there be anything new in what I write or will it some respect be a copy paste of an idea i borrowed from someone or maybe an experience that i had which someone else might have had as well, just that maybe the names of the characters are different or the scenarios vary slightly.In a way we are lucky to just get to know so few of the people who dwell on mother earth that we are fortunate enough not to bump into ourselves, or maybe not. We always say we feel comfortable around people who are just like us,i wonder why that is it just to satisfy yourself that hey wait these are also people who borrowed the same ideas of life and pasted it on themselves...arent we all afraid to standout for a new ideology, borrowing it seems so much more easier......ctrlC ctrl V

what are we but a copy paste
full of ideas borrowed in haste
afraid to be the odd one out
never to know what we are about

err getting back to the question why blog ??ahh chuck it enuff for today maybe sometime other time.
p.s i hope you havent come across a similar blog before,well if you have that just proves my point rather lamely though i must admit..